An Independent Business Owner is the owner of a corporate entity that contracts with Great VirtualWorks under a business to business Statement of Work (SOW) to provide customer support services to Great VirtualWorks clients.
As an Independent Business Owner you will need a Tax Identification Number in order to partner your company with us. Each state has its own tax laws, so please check the requirements in your state. At the end of each calendar year, Great VirtualWorks will provide your company a 1099 Form for your tax reporting purposes if the revenues your business has earned meet the IRS minimum requirements for issuing such a form.
Independent Business Owners providing services to our customers must be 18 years of age or older.
Yes, please visit our GVW International FAQs for more information.

Great VirtualWorks business needs change frequently and we are rapidly growing our national footprint. However, there may be a chance that we are not sourcing for Independent Businesses in your state. Currently, we are not accepting new profiles from businesses residing or operating in the states of: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Washington State.

Please note that providing false information about the state that you plan to provide customer support services from or where you are currently providing services from, will result in the termination of your company’s Master Services Agreement.

If you are making a permanent of long-term move, you may transfer your home business to a new office, provided your business is located in a state which we are accepting new Independent Businesses and continues to meet Great VirtualWorks’ technical requirements.
If your company’s contract has expired, you will need to reactivate your company’s profile by starting the admissions process in order to become eligible to provide services. Please note that Great VirtualWorks does not contract with former Great VirtualWorks’ Independent Businesses whose accounts were terminated due to non-compliance to their Statement of Work contract.
To reactivate your company’s profile, please contact the Admissions Department via email at [email protected]. Please keep in mind that Great VirtualWorks only waives the initial Certification Course fee. Any courses taken after the initial course may have a fee.
Yes! Our model is built on FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, and CHOICE giving you the ability to schedule your time in increments as small as 30 minutes! Additionally, as an Independent Business Owner you have the freedom to pursue other types of work while providing services to Great VirtualWorks clients. As long as your company meets its contractual obligations for each client you are certified with, you have the flexibility to choose additional clients to service.
As an Independent Business Owner, you decide when to provide services as your schedule permits.

Great VirtualWorks pays service revenue at the end of every week! To make it even easier, we encourage Independent Business Owners to sign up for direct deposit!

*NOTE: All service revenue payments are made to business bank accounts only; not individuals. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have a business bank account set up for your company.

Great VirtualWorks ensures that you have immediate access to your company’s service revenue by providing direct deposit! Once your home business and corporate bank account are established, your company will receive its service revenue payments via direct deposit each week.
Great VirtualWorks does not provide service revenue to Independent Business Owners during the certification period. However, the more programs you are certified for, the more chances you will have to generate additional revenue and grow your portfolio.
Great VirtualWorks charges an Administration Fee of $8.95 on every service revenue payment cycle. All Independent Business Owners who wish to partner with us must pass a background check. We partner with an external company that manages the background check process on our behalf. When it is time to pay for your background check you will submit your payment of $25 (non-refundable) directly to the background check company.
The security of our clients’ information is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, the background check is a necessity as we have a commitment to protect our clients’ data. The background check is required for those Independent Businesses that have successfully passed all assessments and are ready to move to the next step of the admissions process.
The Master Services Agreement (MSA) can be terminated by either Great VirtualWorks or the Independent Business Owner at any time, with or without notice.
Great VirtualWorks does not require a landline; instead Great VirtualWorks uses VOIP technology in order to service our clients. In order to service within our network, your business would need to meet the minimum technical requirements.
The majority of our clients’ calls are inbound sales and customer service calls. There are programs that offer outbound call support. We are always looking to grow our client portfolio and look forward to offering diverse opportunities to Independent Business Owners in the future.

Staying in touch is important! Therefore, when you partner your company with Great VirtualWorks, you agree to allow Great VirtualWorks to contact you via email with general updates, communications regarding your company’s performance, and other information.

*NOTE: to ensure you never miss an update, please add the [email protected] as a “Safe Sender” to your email contacts. This guarantees that any email communications from Great VirtualWorks are delivered to your Inbox.

If you start an application but do not complete it, the system will send you two reminder emails: the first email is sent three days after you have started the application and the second email is sent seven days after you have started the application. Should your profile not have any further activity, you will not receive any more emails regarding the admissions process.