By utilizing an extensive network of Independent Business Owners located throughout the nation, Great VirtualWorks meets the ever-changing sales and customer support needs of small and large enterprises using a proven, technologically advanced telecommunications systems.

A large portion of Great VirtualWorks’ network of skilled, knowledgeable representatives come from demographics and population segments traditionally underserved including veterans, stay-at-home moms, college students and retirees who now have the vital opportunity to earn an income working part time. Our company believes everyone from all backgrounds and walks of life should be allowed to enjoy the freedom of being their own boss while at the same time developing new skills and earning a quality income.


Great VirtualWorks understands the leadership qualities inherent in the veterans that have served our country so gallantly. We are always proud to team up with this group who truly knows the meaning of serving. It is this type of commitment that is the backbone of what our company is all about.

Veterans and their spouses are given the opportunity to work from home while receiving the guidance and support of the Great VirtualWorks team. Some veterans may be readjusting to civilian lives and this transitional period is aided by the flexibility and freedom associated with working at your pre-set schedule.

Stay at Home Moms

Women who care for young children realize how important it is to focus on specific tasks and provide timely attention to details. These are the winning attributes that lead to success in marketing and selling our products and it is why the stay at home mom is one of Great VirtualWorks’ leading resources.

Being your own boss, earning extra income, setting your own hours ─ it’s all yours when you join our company as an Independent Business Owner. With our proven program, you can continue to be the homemaker and watch over your family while working from the comfort and privacy of your home. Contact us and you’ll see how easy it is to get started!

College Students

Students must be goal oriented, fast learners and able to prepare quickly for new challenges. Focusing on completing projects and assignments is another important role you accept while achieving your objective of a college degree. It seems that your day-to-day routine is perfectly suited for life as a Great VirtualWorks Independent Business Owner.

By partnering with Great VirtualWorks, you can adjust your busy schedule to fit your demanding lifestyle and always-changing priorities. As a college student, your schedule can vary from semester to semester. With just a laptop and Internet connectivity, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of working on-the-go while earning additional income.


We recognize the specific needs of those who have retired and enjoy partnering with this distinctive group that brings considerable knowledge and experience to the table. There are several strong benefits associated with being a Great VirtualWorks Independent Business Owner including working at your pace, at your hours and best of all, at your home. Earn extra income without having to travel across town and if you have a question, we’re here to help. Freedom, Flexibility, and Choice are what we offer every day!

The right people, processes, practices, and performance. It all works for you and your business when you partner with Great VirtualWorks. Our mission is to provide you with Freedom, Flexibility, and Choice.