Great VirtualWorks utilizes the most powerful servers to ensure the security of your essential data. Servers are composed of Dell Power Edge R720s and Dell Power Edge R710s servers with a memory capacity of 512 GB of RAM each.

Great VirtualWorks’ storage infrastructure consists of various appliances and solutions including but not limited to some Dell EqualLogic PS6500s, Dell EqualLogic PS4000s and ExaGrid appliances consisting of over 250+ TB of disk space across our multiple remote site for Disaster Recovery and Replication.

Security is further optimized with a server software infrastructure consisting of dynamic server virtualization, which promotes the efficient backup of your documents, eliminates planned downtime, supports recovery from unexpected issues and quickly responds to market changes.

Distributed File System (DFS) enable us to group files via shared folders and drives logically into one specific area for quick access while having them distributed across the network infrastructure for file protection and user availability.

Our firewalls are based on the Cisco 5585x, an industry leader, which gives us complete control of the traffic entering and leaving our network. Our Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS & IPS) detects and blocks security threats by deploying the industry’s most deployed and trusted enterprise-grade threat prevention engine with dedicated 24/7 monitoring.

For additional information on our technology and security safeguards, please contact us.