Rank High and Get Noticed. Improve Your Google® Search Results.

Today, it’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Master it and you’ll have your business appearing higher in customer search results. If you don’t do well in this

area, your competitors will rank higher than you and have first shot at your customers.

Lift your website ahead of the pack

Study the tips below on how you can push your company’s website to the all-important top.

Keywords ? One of the most important elements of your website is its keywords. These words represent your products/services and are the same words your customer uses in their search for a business.
Select as many as ten words or phrases that say the most about your company’s content and include them throughout your website.

Use SEO tools such as WordStream or Google’s Keyword Planner, which can help you identify keywords and phrases relevant to your business to include on your site.

Title Tag ? The title tag gives your site visitors a preview or summary of what they can expect to see on that Web page. It’s important because it appears in search engine results and may include the keywords that interested your visitor.

Description Tag ? Create a description for each website page to get prospects fascinated with what you’re selling. These descriptions will also appear in searches so make them stand out from the crowd!

Header Tag (H1 Tag) ? The header tag, which describes what the reader is viewing, doesn’t end up in search results but it is seen on the top of each Web page. You’ll want to keep this bolded, simple and to the point.

Page Content ? You need to fully explain and communicate your company’s story, products, services, etc. but don’t go too far or you’ll lose the reader to someone else’s website. Generally, 300-500 words per page are ideal. Go a little longer if you’re featuring a product with many fine details.

Sitemap – This is basically an index of what your site contains. There’s no need to get too creative here because your sitemap headings can help boost your website ranking.

Images ? All the great advertising copy isn’t enough to sell your products/services. You’ll also need to include images that portray your company’s content in the most favorable manner.

Link Building ? Interlinking is simply creating a link from a keyword or sentence on one page to another area of your website. Back links are other websites that link to your site.

SEO for those in the know.

If you understand the basic rules of SEO, you can give your online business a huge boost. Utilize the tips we’ve discussed and watch your website rankings and sales increase.

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